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Martin Luther


German stamp, FRG, 1961, the portrait of Martin Luther, professor of theology, priest, seminal figure in the Protestant Reformation

Printed value 15 Pfennige Motif, Topic Theology
Circulation 2.496.600.000 Valid until December, 31 – 1970
Published September, 18 – 1961 Design Michel und Kieser

Martin Luther (1483–1546) is the central figure of the Protestant Reformation.

Whilst he is primarily seen as a theologian, the philosophical interest and impact of his ideas are also significant,

so that he arguably deserves to be ranked as highly within philosophy as other theologians in the Christian tradition, such as Augustine or Aquinas.

Nonetheless, in Luther’s case, this may seem more problematic, as his attitude to philosophy and indeed reason can be hostile and dismissive.


Brown, Gray, White

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