Politics Design by Carlos Simpson Design Studio

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Named one of the most promising references in contemporary politics by People, Associated Press, Time, Daily Mail, and Newsday. Louis Post-Dispatch, The Guardian, Publishers Weekly, Royal Mail, and more. Politics Design explores and portrays the power of the political stamps in politics.

The importance and impact of marketing and graphic design as a carrier of messages and tool of influence to persuade civilians in the political and cultural context. With powerful visuals, the book portrays the most iconic moments in contemporary politics not only from Brexit, Europe, United States (Donald Trump) but also from the world in general. Being used for posters, signs, stickers, etc., exclusively based on typography and layout.

This time it was somehow different and the social networks exclusively Twitter and Facebook play an entirely different game assuming this time an extremely fundamental role in elections both in Europe – the UK’s Brexit and in the United States the emergence of a new character named Donald Trump. From here we can see that the constant bombardment of information and manipulation of the information was the key to these choices and the results. So, everything happens so fast like a huge snowball that exists but few of us understand a war of constant bombardment of information. Seems like political Designs were all over the media and for the first time, Fake News was an essential topic of any social-political debate.

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