Politics Design by Carlos Simpson Design Studio


  • The Politics Design Shop is a series of limited-edition stamps and posters by the designer Carlos Simpson.
  • This website is particularly popular for those who are not just interested in politiques but also intrigued by what is happening in the world today.
  • On this site, you will see a constant update of what is happening not just in the western political world.
  • The funds raised from the sale of the limited-edition stamps that are on sale in this online store will be to pay for the publication of this project in the book format.
  • Carlos Simpson counts on your support for the publication of this magnificent project.
  • for any inquiry including sponsor or collaboration please get in touch by email: designstudio@carlossimpson.com
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    Donald Trump (UKraine news)

    Ukraine-Russia is in cinematic tension. Russian forces ‘already in Ukraine‘ Is Russia fearing Nato? Why was Nato set up? What happened after the collapse of the Soviet Union? Aftermath of 9/11 attacks First Breaking News hopefully no one will press the red button. In the event of an invasion, how likely are civilian casualties? Putin …

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    Civil Servants Are Requested To Go Back To Work

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