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Political Design, Hand holding Iphone "American Flag"

Carlos Simpson Design is a multidisciplinary studio that was set up as an experiment to see if the design could be pushed into new territories to make political and social change and this project is a proven record of accomplishment.
The designer explores the importance of importance and the power of political stamps and how governments in political transition use stamps to promote a new visual nationalism.

The Politics Design is a series of limited-edition of political stamps and posters by Carlos Simpson the Creative Director of branding and digital Carlos Simpson Design StudioLondon. The website is particularly popular for those who are not just interested in politics but also intrigued by what is happening in today’s world.

Stamps are products of the state and provide a significant slice of information about a state’s heritage, culture, economy, and place in the world. These depictions change over time, reflecting political and cultural changes and developments and now the technology and the digital transformation of the role of the stamp are still essential.

Carlos Simpson believes that Design is a way of solving problems, so that “value” can be completely absorbed by viewers because of “design”. Today, as a review not only in Europe or the United States but in general all over the world, they entered a “clever design” stage that should be used to break a traditional structure, so that voters can see the candidates’ value and charm.

The book is available for purchase on Amazon

For any inquiries including collaboration investors please get in touch by email: designstudio@carlossimpson.com



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