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Your vote gives you the power to create change.

When you say that “a single person can change the world“, your vote may be the perfect example that completes this sentence. 

When I walk in the streets or even in comments on the social networks or forums on the Internet, I see innumerable comments of people displeased with the system and desperate for a change. So simple as that!

What these people most of the time forget is that the easiest way to make a change is through the voting system. First, it’s legal and second, it’s your right.

Even if you believe that the candidate you support will win, you still have the right to manifest your opinion

the vote won’t make a difference.



If you don’t vote nothing will happen including your complaints and regrets which will be exactly at the same place.

Be the influence over politics. Get out the vote.

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The question since Donald Trump started gaining territory in this election was: will the dollar fall if Donald Trump wins the United States election? But of course, the hope was in the fact that nobody expected him to be elected.

In any nation whenever elections approach, we usually have two parallel topics bathed in a fluid of uncertainty: Politics on the one hand and the economic balance of the nation on the other.

Studies concluded that the pound sterling has fallen about 12% against the dollar in 2016 as the effect of the Brexit referendum.

On the other hand, since Donald Trump’s election in early November, the American dollar has been on a tear.


GoYour voice counts.

Republican Donald Trump is elected US president, defeating Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Donald J. Trump: 306 electoral votes - 56.5%
Hillary Clinton: 232 electoral votes - 42.2%
Write-ins - 1.3%
Gary Johnson - 0.0%
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