The political power of the stamp by Carlos Simpson Design

Angela Merkel



Ladies and gentleman.

I congratulate the winner of the presidential election of the United States Donald Trump to his victory in the election.

The United States are an old and honorable Democracy.

The election campaign this year was an special one with partially hard to bear confrontation.

So I, like the most of you, was looking forward to the result of the election with a strong interest.

Who the American people in the free and fair elections vote for his President, has an impact far beyond the borders of the US.

We Germans have no deeper bond to any other country outside of the EU than the US.

The who reigns this great country (the US) with its enormous economic power, military potential, his cultural influence, carries responsibility that can be felt almost everywhere in the world.

The Americans have have decided that for the next four years Donald Trump shall carry that responsibility.

German and America are connected through values: Democracy, Freedom, respect for the rights and dignity of men, independent of their origin, color of skin, religion, gender, sexual orientation or political attitude.

On the base of these values I refer a close cooperation to the upcoming president of the United States Donald Trump.

The partnership with the USA remains a pillar for the German foreign politics to master the big challenges of our time: the strive to the economical and social welfare, the effort for a far-sighted climate politic, the fight against terrorism, poverty, hunger and disease.

The commitment to Peace and Freedom in Germany, Europe and in the World.

I Thank you.

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