Politics Design by Carlos Simpson Design Studio

Christine Teusch (1888-1968), Politician


Issued on: 1986-11-13
Expiry date: 2002-06-30
Size: 23 x 27 mm
Colours: Blackish green blue | Dark ochre brown
Format: Stamp
Emission: Definitive
Perforation: comb14
Printing: Recess
Paper: fluorescent
Face value: 50 Pf. – German pfennig
Print run: 1,010,489,000

“Christine Teusch was a German politician of the Zentrumspartei and the Christian Democratic Union, and Minister of Culture in Nordrhein-Westfalen.

Born: 11 October 1888, Cologne, Germany
Died: 24 October 1968, Cologne, Germany”



Blue, Gray

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